Rainier Heli - Management Team
Our Team

Elling Halvorson, Chairman
Elling Halvorson originally founded Elling Halvorson Construction Co. in 1957.  Shortly thereafter, it was incorporated as Elling Halvorson Inc.  Elling was in the construction business for over 35 years specializing in difficult logistical projects many of which required helicopters for their successful completion.  In 1960 Mr. Halvorson acquired his first of a fast-growing fleet of helicopters. Mr. Halvorson has received several distinguished awards, including alumni awards from universities, an honorary doctorate, and many awards in the aviation field, including the coveted 2001 Flight Safety Foundation, President’s Citation, the Lawrence Bell Memorial Award, Saluting Excellence in Management within the Helicopter Industry.  He has served on many committees and boards within the Helicopter Association International, as well as serving the organization as Chairman for two terms. In 1992, Mr. Halvorson co-founded Rainier Heli International and has been Chairman of The Board since its inception.  Rainier Heli International is one of several aviation companies owned by the Halvorson Family, which includes Papillon Helicopters, Grand Canyon Helicopters, Grand Canyon Airlines, and Scenic Airlines as well as several aircraft leasing companies.  

Lon Halvorson, President and CEO
Lon is a Co-Founder of Rainier Heli-International and has held the position of President and CEO since the company's inception in 1992. In addition, he holds the position of Executive Vice President of Papillon Airways, Inc., Halvorson Aviation Group, Inc., Monarch Enterprises, Inc., Grand Canyon Airlines, Inc., and Air Grand Canyon, Inc. Lon is also President or Managing Member of 13 other Halvorson family owned aircraft leasing companies. The total combined number of aircraft owned by these companies is in excess of 80 aircraft. Lon is a principal in all the above referenced companies.

Prior to Rainier, Lon managed construction projects for the family's construction company. This company specialized in large, difficult logistics remote construction projects many of which required aircraft utilization for their successful completion. In addition to aviation, Lon is involved in several commercial real estate developments.

Richard "Lash" Larew, Executive Vice President
Lash has been working for Rainier Heli International since January 2005. He is an ATP rated helicopter and fixed Wing pilot with over 12,000 accident free hours logged in helicopters. He started flying helicopters at the age of 18 for the US Army and served two tours overseas, one of which was as a Cobra pilot in Viet Nam. After 9 years in the military, he went to work as a line helicopter pilot for Era Helicopter, Inc. based in Alaska. Lash held several positions in his 27 years with Era including Director of Training and Safety, Director of Operations, and retired from Era as Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors.

He is currently active in all aspects of Rainier's operations. Duties include acquisitions and sales of aircraft as well as developing and managing the national and international lease fleet.

Steve Wright, Vice President
Steve has been with Rainier Heli International since 1998. He has transformed Rainier from a helicopter logging company to a national and international leasing company. He is involved in all facets of the company business, his area of expertise is management of the leasing fleet and the Kmax fire fighting/heavy-lift program.

Steve is a graduate of the University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies with a degree in International Trade and Investment.

For twelve years prior to his career with Rainier, he owned and served as President of Fly Wright Helicopter Corporation and was the founding President of Vertical Flight Association Northwest.

In 2007, Steve was elected to serve on the Helicopter Association International (HAI) US Government Contracting Committee.